Sunday, February 6, 2011

Club Report: Independent Bar

Anyone remember that late 60's soul hit by Brook Benton called Rainy Night In Florida? Well ok, the song was really about Georgia, not Florida, but it was a rainy night last night in Florida and not a night to club hop. So I did not get to experience the new club in Amway Arena called ONE80. Instead, I stuck with the tried and true, Independent Bar!

A lot of people had the same idea!

There's actually a bar upstairs. I need to wander more.

DJ Rob was up in the control tower for the first few hours spinning a great mix of mostly early 80's hits.

About half way through the night Rob gave way to I-Bar's Thursday night DJ Smilin' Dan. The parade of early MTV hits continued. So many memories in there!

The crowd in Independent Bar is always a great mix of everything and truly an eyeful!

These ladies were having a great time in the corner as I maintained my usual low profile.

If you haven't experienced this place on a Saturday night, you need to give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Too many people smoke in there.

Club Master said...

Dang bob, I was at 180 from 9:30pm-10:15pm then headed and stayed at bliss for $1 drinks and free cover. Hope you enjoyed the 180 graygoose lounge.

KingBob said...

Anon, it is VERY smoky in there. I have to air my clothes out for 2 days!

Club Master, I did not make it to ONE80 but I'll try in a couple weeks. Next weekend begins Mardi Gras at Universal so I'll likely be out at CityWalk.

Anonymous said...

I-bar: yup, waaaay too smokey for me. I must say though, I do like the "Rudolph's Island Of Misfit Toys" aura the place has about it :-)

KingBob said...

One nice thing about I-Bar is everyone is welcome.