Saturday, January 15, 2011

PI Update: Island Update

On a warm winter afternoon in Orlando, what better place to experience the sunshine and palm trees of Florida than beautiful Pleasure Island! Recent Blog articles have been preoccupied with the club demolition news that I haven't reported on all the other excitement at PI!
                 Two shopping cart/kiosks have been added to the #1 Bridge from Marketplace. We can now see why the bridge was widened. Disney did promise exciting new shopping options and if you think about it, there aren't all that many places where you can shop on a bridge.
Irish singer on the patio at Raglan Road.
Remember Celebration Plaza? Well apparently the name has reverted to West End Plaza according to Disney promotional literature. I will always have fond memories of Celebrate Tonight, the doomed celebration of celebrating that coincided with Disney's "Celebrate Today" theme. There are musical acts that still take place nightly on the Green Stage and Purple Stage pictured.
It's college cheerleader weekend at Walt Disney World and these University of Minnesota Golden Gopher girls (and boys) were enjoying the Lily Pad area before heading over for a night of 70's Disco at 8TRAX. Not! How many Uggs in this picture?
There is nightly dancing at Downtown Disney. Unfortunately, it's not for adults unless you bring children. Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if we had one of those spontaneous gatherings there and a hundred of us just started dancing to the music!
It sure does!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob...when should we all meet for the dance party?? LOL... Just tell us when.... ~Damn Mouse

Anonymous said...

First of all that was a good first photo, the less shops the better.
Time is still flying by, So where's the Nightlife and Adult entertainment?
So come on people and let's start putting back the clubs and outside bars.

Anonymous said...

after you leave!

KingBob said...

Other than the Mahogany Bay speedboat-themed restaurant coming to the Island announced here on The Blog, nothing has been announced. And other than a few things perhaps moving onto the Island from other places in DTD, I have serious doubts that Disney knows what's coming either!

Anonymous said...'s now likely a "if you build it, they will come" attitude.

I also have serious doubts they have many vendors who have committed to opening anything there.

EasyEddy said...

Hmmmm, what's the most logical way to bring in dollars from 9pm to 2am? They gotta succumb to the pressure and reality that they need to return to nightlife in some form.