Friday, January 21, 2011

Club Reports: Pipers & Independent Bar

Trying to expand my horizons on a Thursday night too, went to downtown Orlando instead of the usual CityWalk.  I can tell you it's nothing like a Saturday night down there and most of the venues stay pretty empty; even Wall Street Plaza had sparse crowds. Over next to the brand new Plaza Theater I spotted a crowd spilling out the door of a place called Pipers. Apparently they sponsor an adult kickball team (huh?) and they were doing some celebrating last night! Got to meet the personable DJ Lady Shay who was spinning Hip Hop from the back of the club. Some of the ballers were actually dancing too!

My other downtown stop was Independent Bar which like downtown itself, differs greatly on Thursday night than Saturday night. Besides recognizing so many people on Saturdays but recognizing just one person last night, the Thursday night crowd is much younger on average and arrives much later. DJ Smilin' Dan was up in the booth spinning Alternative which he described as ranging from 1992 through today. I did not recognize most of it but enough people were lip-synching words so they apparently did.

This guy was the only person on the dance floor around 11pm.

This is what it looked like 45 minutes later.

But a fun place nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Ibar is the BEST!

KingBob said...

I agree! I plan to be checking out The Castle in Tampa again sometime in the near future.

shay said...

The Castle is the BEST place EVER!