Sunday, January 23, 2011

Club Reports: Heat, Club 23, Bliss, I-Bar

Cold night in Orlando last night so I had my doubts that many people would be wandering around downtown Orlando. But I was wrong; downtown clubs were rockin' last night! Yesterday I did an article about the 70's Pub Crawl and I ran into them along Orange Avenue as they crawled from BBQ-Bar to Ember. OMG, there were 400 people taking place in the event and like these ladies above, many were dressed in the appropriate 70's attire! (Although isn't 70's attire pretty much the same as 2011 attire?) I'm told even more people participate when they do the 80's Pub Crawl! Awesome outfits, Ladies!
The much-anticipated new club Heat is open for business and it's a beautiful facility. Dinner tables were being removed during my visit as they shifted from early-evening restaurant to later-evening club.

Apology to DJ Ryan because your picture refused to upload to Blogger. Ryan says he'll be playing House music on Saturday nights and mostly Hip Hop on his Wednesday night gig.

The place reminds me of Blue Martini and Red Coconut Club with a band stage high behind the super busy bar. The DJ said they plan to move the DJ booth somewhere up there as well. This new venue should do well.
Had a difficult time finding the sign for Club 23 so had to settle for this dirty entry rug. Only my second visit to this club located at 23 West Church Street and up a narrow stairway.
DJ John Debo spins House music on Saturday nights to the small but packed club.

Like a lot of clubs downtown, it's hard to discern where the dance floor begins and where it ends so those that are dancing do so where they stand! Very smartly dressed patrons and the room's decor makes Club 23 a good place to bring a first date.
Well enough of that new stuff and time for the familiar. Bliss Ultra Lounge has the best Dance scene in Orlando on Saturday nights!
Problem was that an increasingly impatient crowd was gathering outside as Brazilian teens partied inside. They didn't advertise that the club had a private event booked until 11:30pm! And it was cold out there!

With the delayed start, it seemed that there was no more time to be wasted by DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz,, Party, Vain) who went into the best set of House and Dance music I've ever heard from him!
The crowd didn't waste any time either. The usually slow to fill up dance floor was jammed within minutes of the club opening!
It was hard to move in there!
But move I must as it became time to head over to Independent Bar!
Saturday night means DJ Indie John spinning 80's New Wave/Old Wave from the booth high above the floor.
The songs come accompanied with their 80's video as seen on MTV back in the day.

Not sure if that was fog from Friday morning's cold front or just a lot of cigarette smoke!

Spotted: DJ Heavy Grinder's sister CJ (left) dancing with a friend down on the floor!

Like everywhere else last night, I-Bar was jammed!


Anonymous said...

Wall street was pretty crowded too inside not outside.

KingBob said...

Thanks for the report!