Saturday, January 15, 2011

Club Report: LevelZ (DJ Jimmy Joslin & DJ Heavy Grinder)

First ever visit last night to a very cool club in Melbourne called LevelZ. I had to ask an employee whether the club was pronounced Level-Z or more like Levels. It was the latter. I guess the name refers to the multiple light-lined levels that make up the seating area of the club with the upper levels serving as VIP areas. Which were empty. But kudos to a club that offers non-VIP patrons actual seating booths just off the dance floor and close to the stage. Very nice feature for a club that often brings-in techno DJ's!
With a late start from Orlando and the long drive over, I missed opening DJ Jennifer Marley ( but did get to see DJ Jimmy Joslin (Vixen, HOB) come on. His set had just a few songs that I actually recognized as I think he was trying to more-or-less match the DJ he was opening for.
Not a huge crowd on hand for the large club but not empty either. Interesting mix of clientele with a pretty wide age span.
Gotta have some dancing gurls for a night like this!
DJ Jimmy Joslin can be found at Vixen in downtown Orlando every Thursday night.
DJ Heavy Grinder then took over control. While she is anything but heavy, she certainly could grind.The music.  Not sure how to describe her version of electronic dance music but it was a very hard Techno with some hints of Breaks from time-to-time.

The crowd was very much into her music. I had previously commented that she had never played central Florida before but I was told she had played at least a couple times at Vintage.
DJ Heavy Grinder will be performing on next weekend's Groove Cruise on Norwegian Sky out of Miami.
Got to meet Marty, the principle behind new radio website, pictured here with a self-described groupie! The station was broadcasting last night's concert. Many of Orlando's most-popular DJ's have joined the station to host their own regular DJ sets with more on the way. He invites listener feedback as they want their station to be your station. I would add that they have such a wide-ranging list of DJ's playing that if you don't like one, listen to others as each offer their own style. This station's success is important for Orlando dance music.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a pretty cool club.

Anonymous said...

All right.... I'll give the station another chance...