Saturday, January 8, 2011

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

Slow night last night at Atlantic Dance Hall. Since it was rather cold, I actually wasn't expecting many people to be out there.....but there were actually more than I anticipated!  DJ Tony Z (Planet Hollywood) was on duty spinning mostly Top 40.
The dance floor did not see a lot of action; I think the midnight edition of Cupid Shuffle drew the largest crowd.

Spotted: a former 8TRAX and Motion girl.

Spotted: former Mannequins and 8TRAX patrons!

But overall just a slow night with the Disney Half-Marathon just hours away! Admission to Atlantic Dance Hall is always free and it's located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort next to Jellyrolls.


Anonymous said...

When do we stop calling people former 8trax and mdp patrons? Might as well start calling them adh patrons now. :)

KingBob said...

I suppose that as long as I keep spotting former PI patrons at other clubs, I'll make that reference about them. After all, this is a website "about" PI.

In a few years when they close ADH and I create the "Save Atlantic Dance" blog, I'll refer to people spotted elsewhere as "former ADH" patrons.

Good question though.

ScoobySnacks said...

The "half full" report for ADH doesn't bode well for enticeing Disney to reopen nightlife at Hyper Barf.

KingBob said...

ADH and Hyperion Wharf are really two different animals. Disney runs ADH but they do it on behalf of the Swan and Dolphin hotels. Disney does not advertise ADH. It's up to the hotels to promote it and they appear to only do that for guests. The success (or lack of) of ADH is not an indicator of what could be successful at Hyperion Wharf.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... I saw that 8TRAX girl @ ADH New Years Eve. I wonder when she was a regular there? I used to hang out there in '99-'00