Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PI Update: Demolition Slows For The Holidays

The week between Christmas and New Years is always a magical time at Walt Disney World, so what better place to feel that magic than beautiful Pleasure Island!
The winter storm that marched across the South this past weekend brought record cold temps to O-Town and about an inch of snow to the higher elevations. Fortunately we're moving back into the mid-70's for the rest of the week and into the New Years weekend so we should see that melt away!

Pleasure Island was packed late this afternoon with holiday visitors. Their Pleasure Island options were rather limited though so most entered the Island via one bridge and quickly departed via another!

Demolition progress has slowed to a trickle. If you compare Motion to prior photos, no real visible exterior progress is noted. The full dumpster indicates that demolition is inside.
Ditto at Rock'n'Roll Beach Club. I would expect things to pick up after the holiday crowds depart.

Construction at the Lily Pad has finally concluded and the construction walls removed. The circular concrete area is slightly raised as you move from the edges towards the center. This will serve as some sort of pedestrian traffic circle area in Hyperion Wharf with a faux-ferry terminal to one side and pedestrian walkways leading in three directions.


Anonymous said...

I would say outside of the constuction put on hault till after NYE.
I frankly hope that the new Hyperion Wharf will have Nightlife for the adults.
I mean clubs reopen...
Also "Rockin Music!

Anonymous said...

all the time they spent on that circle and it doesn't even have one of those play fountains to wash your kids diapers in??!!...they must be saving that for the main entertainment area. Where are you spending your NYE Bob?

Anonymous said...

Yikes. So that's what they did? It's kinda odd. Maybe with some more theme thrown in it will look good.. but for now, it reminds me of some outdoor shopping mall in some random town.. not disney at all

Joe said...

"it reminds me of some outdoor shopping mall in some random town.. not disney at all"
...I think that's what they are going for: A crappy mall.

KingBob said...

Most of Downtown Disney has always been just a shopping center. Disney guests enjoy going there though. Marketplace is very "Disney", the West Side not very much so. Pleasure Island has had few shopping options and Hyperion Wharf is supposed to remedy that. But unless there are some really unique shopping and entertainment options added to the entire complex, DTD will remain just another run-of-the-mill shopping mall.