Monday, December 13, 2010

New Orlando Dance Channel Coming

Anyone remember a great radio station that used to play Dance music in Orlando that went by the slogan, 95.3 Party? Well there is a new internet site that will begin operation effective 1/1/11 called that hopes to relive those days that ended back in 2004 when WPYO switched to Hip Hop and Reggaeton and renamed themselves Power 95. (yawn)

Received an update today via email announcing these are some of the DJ's that will be providing content:
DJ Jennifer Marley – The Lady of the House 
Cyberian Soundz presenting “The Trance Movement”
DJ Soul
DJ Eskimo
DJ KJ (of K5)
DJ Jimmy Joslin
DJ Icey
DJ Andy Hughes is coming on-board

I personally listen a lot to Miami-based as a number of Orlando DJ's have shows on that internet site. But there is always room for more, particular since it will have an Orlando slant and many Orlando DJ's. Get on the email list for notifications about at:


Moron said...

Sounds exciting!

Club Master said...

So is this a new radio staton coming on FM so i can listen in my car or a online radio station?

KingBob said...

This is an internet radio station, not FM. However, if your cell phone has internet access, you should be able to listen. Many newer car radios now have a port for phones to plug in to use the car's speaker system.