Sunday, December 19, 2010

Club Reports: Stigma, Bliss, Vintage, Deja Vu, I-Bar

Continuing to expand my horizons, Stigma Tattoo Bar is a new club in downtown Orlando that is quite unusual. Located on Orange Avenue above a new Japanese restaurant, it's part tattoo parlor and part stripper bar but without strippers. There's a cage, shackles, numerous stripper poles and a bunch of dancing girls that work there, but they don't strip. DJ Agrocrag is playing House music and there is a lot of sofas to enjoy. The rules are posted and yes, you may dance in the cage if you're so inclined!
Bliss Ultra Lounge had a bunch of Miami DJ's performing including DJ Edgar V. (Club Space) but there wasn't much going on during my early visit so I fled.

Vintage Lounge had a good early crowd on hand for DJ Dominick Morrison's (Mannequins, EPCOT) blend of House and Top 40 including this group of dancers above. Morrison will spinning House/Techno/Dance outside China in EPCOT on New Years Eve. With the music comes incredible lighting and pyrotechnics and he says this year will be bigger than ever! That's where I'm spending my NYE this year!

Deja Vu Ultra Lounge is open for business in the space formerly occupied by Voyage'. The place is large as is the dance floor but unfortunately few know about it yet. DJ Flurk was spinning House music from his perch in the corner. They're going to have to do a better job promoting the place.

DJ Indie John was back last night at Independent Bar spinning 80's New Wave/Old Wave to a jammed club including the very first music video ever played on MTV, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles. He confirms that DJ's Dave Cannalte (Mannequins, Aahz) and Kimball Collins (Aahz) will be spinning 80's music in I-Bar next Saturday night (Christmas night). I feel bad that I'm going to miss it.

Elsewhere, Crooked Bayou, a restaurant/club I was really starting to like, has closed. The space is going to be turned into a barbeque restaurant. I'm sad, but it's good for the downtown restaurant scene.


Club Master said...

I am very happy to hear that you are going to be at Epcot this year, I will be in my location Italy with DJ Mark Sanchez. Please stop by and check out the lasers. I know china i known for the CO2 Fog coming from the Dragons mouth. Mark Sanchez plays mostly house,Trance,Techno,and hard Breaks. If you get there at 10am you can celebrate at China for the China's countdown and well as other country's when there new year comes threw out the day. I hope a report comes with club options for NYE soon, I cant wait to post this 2010 NYE photos. Plus i Believe one of the girls who did the light show for mannequins does the light show for Italy. So please stop by and say hi. Shes the one with the curly hair and I believe she wears glasses.

Brian said...

I have been to Stigma bar! I was there 6 weeks ago (about) they had a "DJ Vegas" ok not a known DJ someone that I know that was starting out and was DJing for free! they didn't pay him (good luck to the new DJ) because DJ Vegas was only there for a month? they fired him oh wait can you get fired when working for free?
oh well they told him they didn't like the way he was spinning and or the kind of music he was playing (for there BAR) that only sells beer and wine! no mixed drinks! oh well small very small place the girls where nice but the place had a cheap sound system ONE club light
they want that rock mashup stuff you know bon jovi, def leppard stuff don't get me wrong i like rock but not with a club/dance remix!