Friday, December 3, 2010

Club Reports: Dexters & Why Not Lounge

A beautiful crisp evening in Orlando made it a perfect night for going out and that's apparently how everyone else felt too because Dexter's in Lake Mary/Heathrow was jammed and difficult to circulate through. DJ Michael Knight (above) plays a wide variety of music to move to including Top 40, Hip Hop, Disco, 80's & even some Classic Dance. They have a band in there on Friday and Saturday nights but only on Thursdays will you find Knight who brings in all his own DJ equipment, speakers, that awesome light bridge, smoke, etc. If you enlarge the bottom photo above, you might see his new colored lasers that he recently added!

Caught the tail end of the action at Why Not Lounge in Altamonte Springs, the venerable club that has been hosting Ladies Night on Thursdays for more than 30 years. I make fun of the old folks that hang out here but they must have already departed to go to bed because there was a fine-looking crowd on hand for my visit featuring DJ Naughty (above) in the booth also playing mostly Top 40.
Spotted in the Why Not crowd maintaining a low profile was DJ C-Money (Circa). He may be doing a Reggae/Caribbean night at the Why Not in the near future and I hope to hear more details on that. In the meanwhile, check him out on Friday/Saturday nights at the packed Circa nightclub in downtown Winter Park where he too spins a wide variety of dance tunes. There's usually a good mix of wealthy cougars and Rollins College girls in there!

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