Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ship Club Reports: Shiprocked & S32 (MSC Poesia)

I felt like I was at a night in Rock'nRoll Beach Club that never would end and there was no way out! Such was this weekend's cruise on the beautiful ship MSC Poesia. About 1000 of the 2000 passengers on board were there for Shiprocked, a hard rock cruise. (  Most of their rock concerts were private in the various lounges and in main ship's theater. But several were outdoors by the main pool stage and everyone on board could attend. It was interesting to see that many younger people are into rock music now, not just the aging rockers that were on board too. Bands included Cinderella, Sevendust and Tesla. I don't know much about them except they definitely have followings and their groupies were pretty hot! Watched one of the band members head into a show with 3 girls hanging onto him. I asked a Shiprocked crew member if that guy was somebody important. She told me that he was....and that one of the girls was staying in his cabin and the other two girls were in the cabin next to him!

The S32 Disco is the on-board club and had so much potential. But with half the passengers following the rock concerts and many others elderly, that left far too few to go to the disco. My picture does show an empty dance floor but it did get dancers a bit later. DJ Federico (I) did a good job playing a lot of House & Dance and mostly skipped the Hip Hop. I did not understand though why the monitors displayed music videos that did not match the songs being played. And the dance floor is made up of other monitors which had the potential to flash colors during his 70's Disco set but instead displayed that same lunar image all night.

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