Friday, November 19, 2010

PI Update: Calm Before The Storm

Time for an update from beautiful Pleasure Island before its impending demise.

The new Latin chicken restaurant Pollo Campero opened earlier this week in the building formerly housing the Downtown Disney McDonald's. There have been extensive renovations and it looks pretty impressive inside. There is a separate bakery, smoothie station and indoor/outdoor bar.

Bridge #1 construction has concluded and it's open for business. This should facilitate demolition equipment being able to enter Pleasure Island to take down Motion and Rock'n'Roll Beach Club which are coming down first. I'm told that most construction will take place at night; there won't be any wrecking balls per se as everything will be systematically taken apart piece by piece and then removed via barges on Village Lake. The rumored "light house restaurant" supposedly will just be a waterfront lighthouse with no bar or fast food restaurant associated with it.
Construction at the Lily Pad entertainment area continues but the walled-off area is now very small.

The directional sign adjacent Mannequins has been updated for Christmas.

I tried hard to locate some dancing on Pleasure Island but there was none to be found. For that it was necessary to visit CityWalk where all the clubs were surprising full for a Thursday night in mid-November. The three pics above feature 80's Night at The Groove, Red Coconut Club and Latin Quarter.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

I will shed many tears when the first beams start to come down. Damn, there were some good times in those places. I'm looking forward to the new things but I really hate to see the old stuff go!!!! You'd think that after the public out cry for at least one venue to stay - they would wise up. I really have to thank King Bob for his efforts on this blog in keeping the dream alive.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and long live P.I.

Anonymous said...

Anything that is going to be open from 2 or 3:00 am in the morning is needles to say that it's going to be for the adults.
So hopefully they'll reconsider opening the clubs for some Partying and Dancing!!
Cmon guys the new year is around the corner so get with the program and let something start rocking over there!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bret Michaels - Live - City Walk - New Years Eve! Thank god that some one still remembers how to party on New Years...unlike our friends at PI, where they use to do it every night....

KingBob said...

Like PI, CityWalk's NYE is pretty pricey too!