Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DJ Paul Oakenfold in Orlando Thursday Night

DJ Paul Oakenfold (GB) returns to Orlando Thursday night for the second time in 2010 with a concert at club Firestone Live. When he played at Firestone in February, he promised the club's owner he would return later in the year. And here he is. The club was wall-to-wall packed last visit and I expect more of the same this time. I had planned to go but will be on a weekend cruise instead. If the ship has a good disco, I'll certainly let you know!

ELSEWHERE: The internet website Mouse Planet this week quotes the Save Pleasure Island Blog's article about the Mahogany Bay restaurant coming to Pleasure Island. It also adds new information: Supposedly the restaurant's theme is "old boats and root beer floats". Is this for real? See there article at this link:

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Anonymous said...

I take it that you haven't gone out or nothing is happening in O-Town, hugh? LOL... Always looking for an update...