Sunday, November 21, 2010

Club Reports: Dragon Room & Independent Bar

Continuing to expand my horizons, visited Dragon Room in downtown Orlando with Saturday night DJ Freefall (Vintage). Small, narrow club with a decent sized dance floor featuring Hip Hop & Top 40. A shadow dancer performs above the main dance floor.

Return visit to Independent Bar with DJ Indie John and 80's Old Wave/New Wave on Saturday nights. Great music and pretty packed this evening!

It was the Florida Classic football weekend in Orlando with Bethune Cookman College playing Florida A&M University at the Citrus Bowl Stadium. But that leads to tons of hip-hoppers downtown and a high demand for that music. Both Vain and Bliss caved and turned their Techno/Dance music Saturday nights over to them! A number of streets were blocked to traffic with a lot of OPD security in force.


Anonymous said...

Orange Av was closed last friday (11/10/10)

Anonymous said...

11/10/10 was a Wednesday.

KingBob said...

Orange Avenue ought to be closed down most Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

ok well then what ever the friday before last was