Friday, November 26, 2010

Club Reports: CityWalk (Thanksgiving Night)

I didn't find anything exciting at the midnight sales at the outlet mall last night so I decided to check out the action at CityWalk. Overall, it wasn't too exciting either. Latin Quarter had the largest crowd of any of the clubs out there.
Latin Quarter DJ Leony with the promotions director Sue from Rumba 100.3 which sponsors the Thursday night Ladies Night at LQ. You can hear awesome House music sets from Leony tonight at Midnight Eastern time on BPM (Sirius 36/XM81) and Saturday night at 8pm ET on

Bob Marley's had a few people dancing in there.

There was also a small crowd in Red Coconut Club for DJ G-Clef. He'll be spinning tonight at Atlantic Dance Hall too.
Close to dead was 80's Night at The Groove with DJ King.
Congratulations to Rich who tied the knot this past Saturday!
Margaritaville didn't even bother.
But Rising Star had a line at times with a decent number of patrons looking on. Overall, it was not much of a night for partying so I went back to the outlet mall!


funmeister said...

I always feel like Red Coconut music is nothing but hip hop or slow jams(r&b)...not for me. And eighties night has been horrible the past few weeks - I'm giving up!

Anonymous said...

80's Night sucks since they got rid of DJ Doc Wells!

KingBob said...

Well we are kind of in the off-season so none of the clubs are likely to see large crowds except on the weekends.

Yeah, bring back DJ Doc! He was our CityWalk connection to Pleasure Island!! Neither side will tell me what happened.