Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Lake Village Will Not Be PI 2.0

Shortly after Pleasure Island closed there were several rumors circulating that Disney was secretly building a Pleasure Island 2.0 somewhere else on property. It would have been a wonderful surprise to PI fans and all adult Disney guests. One rumor referred to something being developed just beyond the Coronado Springs Resort. Of course anyone in the know recognized that as the still-doomed Flamingo Crossings development. A different rumor referred to something along US 192 near the Osceola County line. Nothing ever became of that rumor and my drive along that highway produced no hints of construction.

Until now. Disney has filed plans with Orange County for some sort of development along US 192 (Florida State Road 530) to be called Black Lake Village. Deciphering the 156 page plan, the best I can come up with to describe it is as a quality shopping center similar to Crossroads. But this is not PI 2.0.  There are many prohibited uses and unfortunately as you can see in the snippet above, Rule 1.47.3 prevents bars and night clubs. So we'll have to continue to dream!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty pathetic, but you know plans can change.
On the side what are you saying thats not going to be Hyperion Wharf or what now?
I also wish these higer-ups would wake up to what the adults want.
When you think of how great it was five years ago, it's pretty pathetic to see it now with no nightlife for adults.

Anonymous said...

Just a few little words.
All of us Save PI-ers keep up the good fight.
Just keep hoping that somebody will smell the coffee before it boils over.

Brian said...

what a bunch of crap!
no bars clubs! and a limit on alcoholic beverages.
I guess Disney wants to have a reason to not build and clubs and or bars. maybe someone would make Disney look stupid?
I mean anyone who has lived in Orlando area knows that Disney runs this area and could have a club/bar if they really want! so this is why I say Disney is behind this?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I understand why Disney would be interested in the price of property so far away from the bulk of its holdings. Black Lake village is an already developed shopping center just to the west of Animal Kingdom at 192 And Legacy blvd. Did the just buy this shopping Center?

KingBob said...

It does make sense that it's already there as that would explain the previous rumor. However, this was just filed with Orange County last week so its either a new development or a revision of prior documents. Either way, we ain't gonna see no clubs down there.

Anonymous said...

There is a Black Lake Road west of I-4 on 192. I used to stay at a Holiday Inn there. Next to the Hotel was a WDW Merchandising Building. From the Parking Lot of that Building you could see the Everest Mountain. There is also an entrance to the Disney property back there!

Anonymous said...

I already thought there was a Black Lake Shopping ctr down there?
As for the issue on Hyperion Wharf, you wonder what's going to happen about that situation.
Becuse they seemed to have some sort of nightlife down there.

P.S. It's still pretty pathetic that they can't seem to make up their mind, and the place is still dead.