Wednesday, November 24, 2010

8 traxx Opens In Atlanta

Former 8TRAX at beautiful Pleasure Island
Several readers have commented about 8 traxx, a new disco that has opened in the Buckhead nightlife district of Atlanta. I haven't located a website for the club but the internet articles I did find mention that it's a 70's & 80's night club for those that missed that era the first time around or for those that want to relive it. As much as I loved Mannequins, the 8TRAX at Pleasure Island is one club that deserves to be reopened at Hyperion Wharf, Disney-run or outsourced. The music of that era is truly family-friendly; every age group knows the words to the songs.  I still think they could run it for all ages early in the evening and then make it adult-only after 10pm or so. I'm ready to invest in the idea if they'd just give me permission! Looks like the Atlanta venue avoids copyright problems by separating the 8 from the traxx, keeping the traxx all-lower case and using two x's. Brilliant! Looks like a visit to Atlanta may be needed. FIELD TRIP!


Brian said...

this is the best i could find about it

Anonymous said...

If they could move to Georgia then they could have 8Traxx back here in Orlando.
"Same for Mannequines"
Too bad it's going to come another Spring and Summer with tourists wondering "where's the nightlife for the adults?"
So come on guys reopen the clubs and have that for the adults.

zulemara said...

I am visiting Atlanta in July! I will be sure to go! said...

July?; I'm going to beat you there Zulemara; photos to KB forthcoming. And if you're ever in Charlotte, NC, "Breakfast Club", is the next best thing I've found to 8Trax.

KingBob said...

I recall your report from Breakfast Club; I need to visit both maybe on the same road trip. And don't forget Funkytown in Montreal which was incredible!