Thursday, October 28, 2010

PI Update: Motion Stage Removed

Bridge #1 from Marketplace is moving towards completion. Looks like it has a week or two remaining until it's fully opened. Then they can move the demolition equipment into place!
Demolition/construction at the Lily Pad is now wholly contained within it's own construction walls. Notice that 4 street lamps have been installed. If you look at my October 16th article, there was one of those 3 in 1 lamp poles in that area just like the one in the foreground of this picture.
A better look at the fence blocking the backstage utility area behind Raglan Road. The Pleasure Island directional sign that was there a few days ago is now gone. A new construction wall is in place as well as the new PI walkway will be routed back behind there.

At Motion, the clearing out continued today and the stage at the rear has now been removed. DJ Talie will be spinning up there no more! The center truss and construction walls that were laying in there last night have been removed too. We're still awaiting the filing of a construction specific to the demolition of Motion.

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