Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PI Fans: Coming Up This Week

The Andre Caram Band performs tomorrow (Wednesday) night at Vintage in downtown Orlando. A four  night per week fixture at the Celebration Plaza Ultra Lounge on beautiful Pleasure Island and featuring Andre "Dreey-C" Caram, their performance at Vintage is considerably wilder and livelier! This Friday 8TRAX fans can enjoy the antics and 80's music of the band Switch (aka Nerd Rangers) at Pat O'Brien's in CityWalk. They usually appear the 3rd Thursday of every month at 80's Night at The Groove and they will again on the October 21st, however this is an extra performance!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bob---Expose in Epcot this coming Monday/Tue

Anonymous said...

OH and did you check out Electronica at DCA?


KingBob said...

Anon at 7:06am: Expose' is on my calendar for next week; haven't decided which day yet but will be watching the weather. But thanks for the reminder!

Anon at 7:44am: I've been reading an internet discussion about Electronica and what a great fit it would be for Pleasure Island! Except that WDW management allegedly doesn't want it here! Don't know that that's true though.

Anonymous said...

you'll have to make some small posting about Expose---I'm interested in what you think of them after all these years.

I do agree that Electronica would have been amazing at PI---they wouldn't have even needed to open the clubs for it(!!)...god forbid.

Anonymous said...

expose are have beens just old bags doing a circuit