Friday, October 15, 2010

Club Reports: Why Not Lounge & Dexters

Hadn't been up to the Seminole County clubs in a couple months so it was a great night to check them out. Every Thursday night for over 30 years has been Ladies Night at the Why Not Lounge in Altamonte Springs and it's usually pretty crowded....but not last night. A live band whose name I never saw or heard was playing Pop music including Lady Gaga's Bad Romance as this picture above was snapped. A lot of regulars were missing; with an average age of 70, maybe some of them have passed away!

Much, much livelier was Dexter's in Lake Mary/Heathrow. DJ Michael Knight plays the gamut of music, including 70's Disco, 80's Classic Rock and today's Top 40. The dance floor is small but it's always jammed with a crowd far younger than what you find at the Why Not. Since the space is normally a restaurant, Knight brings in an impressive amount of equipment on Thursday nights only including not only the DJ decks but all the speakers, that light bridge, smoke, etc. Former Dolphins coach Don Shula was spotted wandering around the club last night! A very fun Thursday night venue but way north of O-town.

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