Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tonight In Techno Town

It's the usual assortment of activities available tonight in Orlando with just a few extras to report:

*At House of Blues, DJ Bassnectar brings an unusual type of techno music to town tonight. By unusual I mean a mix of Dub-step, Trip hop and Break Beats plus maybe some Glitch!
*Don't forget 8TRAX Remixed at Celebration Town Tavern if you're looking for 80's.
*But if your 80's is Alternative/Old Wave, head to Independent Bar instead. Elsewhere downtown DJ Dominic Morrison (Mannequins) returns to Vintage while DJ Mickey Bono will be moving the crowd at Bliss.
*At CityWalk, DJ AJ should be in The Groove, DJ Smooth (RadioDanz, Royal Pacific) in Red Coconut Club and DJ Leony (Sirius/XM BPM, RadioDanz) in Latin Quarter.

There should be something for everyone.....and don't forget the Pleasure Island Reunion next Friday night at Atlantic Dance Hall.

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