Monday, September 20, 2010

PI Update: Was There An Event In Mannequins?

Was there an event in Mannequins this past Friday? No one on the island that I spoke to this evening could confirm it. With VIP's in town from California though, it's possible they went in there. I just kind of doubt they had an "event" in there. Interesting thing though: you know how the elevator had been stuck on the second floor this past year? Well, now there is no number at all on the elevator floor signal. It's turned off!

Elsewhere, construction on the #1 Bridge continues. A very strong deck is being constructed and I've speculated that it's to allow demolition equipment to enter the island. It's got a long way to go though and we still have that truss bridge on the other side to deal with. In the background, construction also continues on the McDonald's to Pollo Campero conversion.

Rock'n'Roll Beach Club stands waiting its fate. A little snapshot shows abandonment inside. One rumor has it coming down as soon as next month!

Elsewhere, there are some construction walls at Planet Hollywood but it's just a repainting (of the waiting area concrete) project. At the PI Ultra-Lounge in Celebration Plaza, a duo was playing Caribbean music as they roasted in the still-hot Florida sun.

At Soundstage, an opaque material was recently placed in the doors to keep passersby from looking inside and seeing nothing. But you can still look in the windows next to the doors and see nothing, if you're interested. At Motion, banquet tables and chairs remain in place so demolition in October seems unlikely.

Disney recently took out a construction permit for pier construction on Pleasure Island. There are actually two piers on the island; the one used by the water taxi service and one adjacent Motion nicknamed the Eagles Nest because that is the radio call sign they used when Michael Eisner would dock there! No signs of work at either dock yet but the Eagles Nest sure looks like it needs it. Maybe they plan to remove it so that they can move a demolition barge into that area. Well, that's the latest, from beautiful Pleasure Island!


Anonymous said...

there was not an event, however a visit. uppers are considering there options on the usability of certain aspects of the island. cw on hold, ac is not returning , motion used for functions, rrbc on hold the rest ????????????????

KingBob said...

Thanks for the info. But I must point out that we're 2 YEARS post closure and they're just now considering their options?

Anonymous said...

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