Friday, September 10, 2010

PI Update: Big Changes Coming?

I know we have competing "in-the-know" rumors out there; one saying that some club demolition is going to begin in October and another saying there are no current demolition plans for any of the former club buildings. But get this. Allegedly Disney imagineers were scouring all over Pleasure Island this past Sunday. The source providing that information says that we can expect "big changes" on the Island beginning in October. A different source says expect some construction at Mannequins soon. So that's the latest chatter out there. Don't know if any of this is true of course but the good thing is with October just three weeks away, we'll know one way or another very soon!


Anonymous said...

dont expect anything big...and dont expect any demo as i have said many times

bluechips said...

hearing rumors keeps everything afresh to me. its that little faith i have that there my be some life again on the island. and to all you people that say you'll never go back to pleasure island if they reopened the clubs, you're full of yourselves. you, as well as i know that there'd be a massive line of us "old folks" waiting to get back in. so stop the negativity and bring on the dancing !!! =)

Anonymous said...

I frankly agree some of those rumors are true. That some said demolishion was coming, but to the RRBC, AC and Sound Stage, but so far nothing has happend yet.
In other words some people say differntly.
However it keeps that little bit of hope alive that Mr. Staggs and the Disney people will reopen the clubs.
P.S. Let PI Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

it will cost Disney too much to reopen any club(s)! so get used to the NEW PI! no clubs!

Anonymous said...

the amount of highering and training alone would be very costly and would be advertised we would know sometning was up. the clubs need an overhaul, and thats not happening either

BringBackCW said...

IF PI clubs were to re-open, would they go back under the "& More" option or would they be charged per club visit?

A lot of the former CW talent(Lisa, Brian, Mark, Matt, Robby & John are performing at the Orlando Improv Festival at 8 pm on September 21(My Birthday!) in Winter Park if anyone is interested.

Joe said...

Orlando Improv Festival
Sept 19 - 21

Island Time - The Cast Aways
"Downtown Disney had a venue called Comedy Warehouse that closed recently. Several of the performers that venue will perform together again. Cast: Brian Bradley, Mark Daniel, Lisa Glaze, Matt Horohoe, Robby Pigott, John Telfer"

(Individual Show) Tickets:
$5 - $7 per show
Cash Only
Available at the door only

KingBob said...

Cool, thanks for sharing. There are a LOT of Comedy Warehouse fans that read the Blog. I'll run a separate article about it later this week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would be foolish to reopen the Clubs.
I don't think hiring would be diffacult.
The main thing is they need to put back what they had.
Fun & Nightlife!! which is what a lot of people want.

Anonymous said...

...most of the former PI Cast are scattered about WDW anyway. Getting knowledgeable cast back there wouldn't be too hard.

Getting the execs to release some funds to bring back the fun, that's another story. Cheap bastards.

KingBob said...

I don't think it's a matter of cheapness. If the desire is there to reopen anything, the funds will be there to make it happen. If there is no such desire, it won't happen. Period.