Thursday, August 19, 2010

Techno Music Coming To CityWalk!!

Unless DJ Leony of the Latin Quarter is in one of his moods, you just don't hear very much Techno music out at CityWalk. Well that's about to change....if only for one CityWalk offers a Labor Day Celebration on Sunday night, September 5th featuring over 10 DJ's! Kelly from CityWalk Guest Services told me about this a few weeks ago but at that time it had not been approved yet.

Admission is $10 and that should include admission to inside the clubs as well as to the outdoor dance areas. The DJ's all describe themselves as a mixture of one or more of these: House, Electro House, Progressive House, Electronica, Tech House. Chad Andrew from Bliss & Senso and DJ Nova from Antigua & Blue Martini have both appeared on the Blog before. Andres R. plays at Suite B & Roxy, X-Andy at Glo. Private cabanas are a new feature and cost extra. Looks exciting and if successful, we'll hopefully see more Techno out at CityWalk. So if you don't have plans for that night (and come on, you know you don't!), come on out!


Anonymous said...

should be at pi..imagine how awesome that would be

Anonymous said...

it WAS!

KingBob said...

And that's why we all miss Mannequins so much. Great dance music, incredible lights and that damn revolving dance floor!