Thursday, August 26, 2010

RadioDanz Keeps Getting Better

Since it's really difficult to find techno/dance music on regular radio in the U.S., I would never have survived the Mannequins closure were it not for satellite radio and specifically BPM and Area. Now, thanks to the internet, there are at least a dozen free sources too. And the very best one, the one with the nation's best DJ's, is If you liked Mannequins, check it out. It operates 24/7 but on Friday and Saturday nights a large number of great DJ's spin 1-hour sets. DJ Armando is on nightly with Addiction; he was at Bliss this past weekend. And Orlando DJ's Mickey Bono, Leony and Smooth are in the mix too! The Danz20 Show is a review of the week's Top 20 songs.

Addiction with DJ Armando

6PM EST / 11PM GMT - Danz 20 with Maxwell House
9PM EST / 2AM GMT - DJ Mickey Bono - Bliss Ultra Lounge
10PM EST / 3AM GMT - DJ Riddler
11PM EST / 4 AM GMT - Mike The Hitman
12AM EST / 5 AM GMT - Johnny Budz
1AM EST / 6AM GMT - Bimbo Jones
2AM EST / 7AM GMT - Peter Luts

8PM EST / 1AM GMT - DJ Leony - Latin Quarter & Senso
9PM EST / 2AM GMT - DJ Punzo
10PM EST / 3AM GMT - DJ Smooth - Royal Pacific & Red Coconut
11PM EST / 4 AM GMT - DJ Wesley
12 AM EST / 5 AM GMT - Mike Rizzo
1AM EST / 6 AM GMT - Syke'n'Sugarstarr
2 AM EST / 7 AM GMT - Gino Caporale
3 AM EST / 8 AM GMT - Louie DeVito

8PM EST / 1AM GMT - Danz 20 with Maxwell House

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