Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PI Update: Kungaloosh Drink Returning To Island

Loyal reader 71Jason71 sent me a message yesterday to inform us that the world-famous Kungaloosh drink is returning to Pleasure Island. Both Laffers and PI Live Bar will soon be receiving “slushee” type machines to make this sweet, pink drink with. The price will be $10.25. Apparently PI management thinks this will draw former Adventurers Club fans back to the Island to have their old drink. But the return of the drink does not mean the return of the Club. So yes, some may return to give their old drink a try but unless there is something to keep them on the Island or bring them back additional times, how many do they expect to sell? Most of the people currently on the Island are just passing through. Some do stop to have a cold drink while they watch the new Ultra Lounge entertainment options however I can’t see many paying $10.25 for a drink that they have no attachment to. Still, it’s great to hear something like this is returning. It keeps the spirit of Adventurers Club alive. And that’s a good thing. Thanks for the info, Jason! Hoooopla!!


Anonymous said...

En route to Afganisthan, Really happy about this news, you just made my day and gave me something to look forward to when I return to Disney, " Bring back the AC " Kongaloosh

Thanks King Bob!!!


KingBob said...

Hopefully your return will find Mannequins & 8TRAX reopened and operating and a new Adventurers Club announced and under construction! Best wishes to you, sir.

Anonymous said...

King Bob-

Keep up the excellent work, I always check your blog, at least once a week.

I hope your right, will keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I can buy you a Congaloosh when I get back!!

AC, Mannequins and 8Trax would be awesome just like the good old days. Check you online, see you in a year, again keep up the excellent work.

Kongaloosh !!!


Bill said...

Wow, $10.25? So if you pay with a $20 you get less than ten bucks back?! Come on...

If memory serves they topped out at $8.50 in the final days of the Cloob, while My G&T at the Groove costs $6.50...

Joe said...

A Kungaloosh used to see ya back 7.75

A couple of the other AC specialty drinks were 8.75

...unless you included a "souvenir cup", then it was more.
I went pretty crazy there at the end buying specialty drinks to get one of the 5 different AC cups.
Genius idea on their part to suck more money out of the fans.
I treasure my "Kungaloosh" cup, although the Monkey Head, Yakoose, Monkey Nut, etc, were more unique.

Joe said...

Kungaloosh Recipe

KingBob said...

Thanks, Joe!

I did not verify the price last night however I'm sure $10.50 is accurate.

71 said...

The not entirely dissimilar tasting Rum Runner is like $9.75...and actually includes more alcohol.

Apparently management was so convinced this would work, they set up TWO machines exclusively for Kungalooshs in PI Live. By account of a couple bartenders and personal observation, the sales are not living up to their expectations. Apparently AdvClub fans are discerning enough to tell the difference between being inside the triumph of Disney Imagineering and standing outside a bunch of abandoned buildings.

71 said...

BTW, Joe, that's the recipe they put in the books, but in the Club they always threw in some white rum as well.