Monday, August 30, 2010

Is The Wrecking Ball Coming To PI?


If you've been reading Blog comments lately, you know we have differing reports as to whether something is about to happen at Pleasure Island or not. My article last Saturday entitled, PI Update: Rumors Explained, has generated a lot of Comments.

We have the seemingly-informed anonymous commenter at 8:56pm saying: "there is no short term plan to do anything with structures present." And we also have the seemingly-informed PKD last week stating: "Motion and Rock N roll Beach Club are scheduled for demo in October."

Both parties post as though they have inside information. But only one can be right. Either demolition begins in October......or it doesn't. We shall soon know.


Anonymous said...

I knew that the RRBC was going down because of the mold, and motion was going down too.
Hopefully that will be the only two places taken down.
Maybe there's still hope for Adventurer's Club.

KingBob said...

Sadly, Adventurers Club in its old location is history. It will return in the future as part of a new land at Animal Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

never was a fan of ac...almost seemed i wont miss it