Saturday, August 14, 2010

Club Reports: Star Wars Mixer, Rising Star, The Groove

The I-Drive corridor was crazy-packed with traffic last night as people were flowing into Orlando for the Star Wars Convention. They were running a "mixer" dance party in the Valencia Room of the Orange County Convention Center but it turned out to be kind of lame. There was a big crowd on hand but instead of dancing to the Top 40 music being played by the DJ from upstate New York, everyone was in a big circle watching some guys battle things out with their lightsabers. And not all that many girls dressed up in their Slave Leia costumes. So I took my group over to CityWalk.

First stop Rising Star for some karaoke. This place has always amazed me because of the lines to get in. It's always crowded and the singers are much better than what I hear on cruise ships! A couple of Lady Gaga songs were really good. What sets this place apart is that the singers get the benefit of a band backing them up along with two dancing girls. Cool place!

But one needed to get into The Groove if one wanted dance music with people dancing. DJ King was on duty playing the typical Groove mix of Top 40 and Hip Hop. Upstairs was closed so the downstairs was really crowded. Not as bad as most Saturday nights though.


Ken said...

Rising Star rocks! I always have a good time there. For "girls who just want to have fun" (and guys)that's the place to go; I always see several groups of ladies there having a blast.

I see from your pics some of the Club Motion dancers were at the Groove.

71 said...

Agreed, Rising Star seems to bring the ladies out--always at least a couple bachelorette parties on the weekends. Just a fun time, too, very laid back, for the most part very good servers.

KingBob said...

The only negative I heard from my group was that they would not guarantee that your name will get called to sing. Thus, you can post your name and desired song and then wait around all night and never get called up.

Yes, a few of the regulars from Motion/Atlantic Dance were there.