Friday, July 2, 2010

PI Update: Holiday Weekend

It's a big holiday weekend in the United States of America and what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island! The parking lot was starting to fill; the crowds starting to grow. Raglan Road and Sosa Cigars had good, early crowds inside; Mannequins didn't. The platform for the human statue was in place; a small band was setting up at Celebration Plaza.

A peek into Motion showed no real changes. The banquet tables and chairs remained where I saw them two weeks ago.

Outside Motion, the Funmeister continues to stand guard over the Island, waiting for the fun to return. Hope everyone has a great & safe holiday!


Joe said...

Fun for all — and all for fun!


Anonymous said...

We may have to wait for the results, but hope to have a happy
We are still hoping for good things to come to PI, so let's all keep a good thought, and have a good 4th of July.

zulemara said...

There were fireworks coming from Typhoon Lagoon tonight at 10:45ish. It must have been a private event, but I bet a lot of ppl thought they were from DTD.

KingBob said...