Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Favorite Hip Hop Song Right Now

This song is actually a cross-over song. It's got plenty of Hip Hop & Rap elements but it's getting airplay on Pop stations like Tampa's 93.3FLZ & Chicago's B96 as well as on Rhythmic Dance stations like BPM. Featuring Ludacris, this is Taio Cruz. The Dance version actually has a faster, deeper beat but this video is too good to pass up.


zulemara said...

one of my favorites as well! I like the upbeat stuff, just can't stand the 90bpm hip hop. yuck!

KingBob said...

DJ Peapod used to include a lot of Hip Hop remixes at Mannequins and those songs ran at 125+ bpm. Techno purists hated it but a lot of the more popular songs at Mannequins were actually Hip Hop remixes.

Anonymous said...

Taio Cruz is fugly.