Sunday, July 18, 2010

Club Reports: The Groove & Red Coconut Club

It had been awhile since I was out at CityWalk on a Saturday night. I'd forgotten just how packed it gets on a summer weekend evening. And the final night of the summer concert series brought out even more people. DJ AJ at The Groove had a jammed dance floor to work with, playing his usual mix of Top 40 & Hip Hop. He played Alexis Jordan's Happiness for me! Thanx, AJ.

Over at Red Coconut Club the girls were tall and with their heels even taller as DJ Doc Wells (8TRAX, 80's Night at The Groove) played a similar Top 40 & Hip Hop mix between band sets and after the band ended. Dresses ruled the night! Regina, who used to be a club supervisor over at Atlantic Dance Hall spotted me on the dance floor and updated me on her life. Great to see her!

Meanwhile outdoors, a couple witches were spotted leaving Wizarding World of Harry Potter while a hard rock band played to a large crowd on the CityWalk Stage. Universal has no problem offering free entertainment to those passing through. Celebrate the night!
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Anonymous said...

I'm in love times 10!

Anonymous said...

One thing I notice about all your club photos is that there always seems to be a decent mix of the young and "not so young" Is this a sign of the Southern gentility that there's isn't any attitudes or at least not enough of any to keep people from mingling??

KingBob said...

In addition to some photos specifically directed towards people, I try to take a lot of random photos too to see what I end up with. A lot of the best ones are the random ones because the flash can bring in interesting people I never even noticed.

Because of the large number of tourists in Orlando, all age groups are typically represented in clubs and the photos can capture that. All ages are welcome.

As for as what gets published, I do slant towards latest-style females although I do try to mix it up!