Friday, July 23, 2010

Club Reports: CityWalk

When I have to work on Fridays I only get to enjoy 80's Night at The Groove until midnight. Last night I didn't get to enjoy it at all because the club was rented for a private event. You know all those teens from Brazil you've seen running around Disney World? Well they've been at Universal too and last night they had The Groove rented out until 12. Pictured outside are DJ Doc and manager Ian waiting their turn to get inside and get things going.

The Red Coconut had a moderate crowd but I'm sure it picked up later because a lot of people were coming in as I departed. Latin Quarter was crowded from early-on and I hear it got really crowded after twelve.

DJ King led another line dance session on the main stage. Harry Potter continues to draw masses and masses of people to the new attraction. I saw lots of people carrying those darn wands!


zulemara said...

just another example of the money Disney could have if they had kept clubs around to be rented! Oohhh the money they could make renting out Mannequins! Idiots!

KingBob said...

Motion is available for rent, soureces say and activity there seems to suggest.