Sunday, July 11, 2010

Club Reports: Bliss, Lyrica, Independent Bar

In a deal likely quite similar to the one Lebron James signed with the Miami Heat, Bliss Ultra Lounge resigned DJ Mickey Bono ( to a new contract Saturday which brought him back home for his popular Dance music club night there. And his fans were glad to have him home; it was as crowded as I've ever seen the place! You pretty much had to find a spot on the dance floor and then stay there. Good to have him back.

Lyrica had nowhere near the crowd but this is a new techno night at a new club and it's going to take awhile for crowds to build. But there was a least a hundred Dance/House fans there listening to an excellent set put on by DJ Ben Ross (HOB SIN). That's a lot more people than last week so progress is being made. The dance floor was empty when my party got on but that brought out many others. Awesome lighting, $2 beer bottles & $3 mixed drinks gives this place a lot of potential.

And of course if I'm downtown I'm going to end up at Independent Bar before it's all over. The place was already crowded before 11pm and it was crazy-crowded around 2am! Free armband before 11pm gets you back in later too.

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