Saturday, July 3, 2010

Club Report: Icon

Downtown Orlando was jammed last night but when I went into Icon it was surprisingly empty as DJ Chris b (upper right) was spinning. That didn't last long though as people continued to come in and when Baby Anne came on, it was like people came out of the rafters to fill the dance floor! The DJ's were working from the far stage instead of the regular booth, a great idea since the booth is rather removed from the crowd whereas the stage is right there with you. The headliner of the evening was DJKraftykuts (lower right) who really got the crowd moving into the wee hours.

DJ Icey (Area XM 80/Sirius 38) stopped by for a few minutes to show his support for Baby Anne.

It was almost like a rave, with lots of glow sticks, pig tails and low-slung bell bottom jeans.

Nearly all the music played by the three DJ's had vocals so there was none of that never-ending progressive crap. Icon is increasingly returning to its techno roots which is a great addition to downtown. And Baby Anne returns to Icon on Friday, July 30th, the middle DJ after Dustin Hulton and before Hybrid.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun night.