Monday, July 5, 2010

Club Report: CityWalk

With the 4th of July fireworks show taking place downtown, that was one place I wanted to avoid last night. So where was a party going on? I needn't have looked any farther than CityWalk. With a lot of people off from work today, they had all the clubs open and there was good crowds out despite the continued rain showers. And as I arrived after 11pm, the number of people flowing out of Islands of Adventure and Harry Potterland was tremendous! A long, long stream of cars flowed out of both parking garages.

At Red Coconut Club ultra-lounge, John C. is one of the newer DJ's in AJ's stable that work most of the CityWalk clubs. On a per square foot basis, RCC had the densest crowds last night, enjoying the Top 40 and Hip Hop mix.

DJ Leony (BPM XM 81, Sirius 36) was back in control at Latin Quarter, having returned from his guest appearance "down the shore" in New Jersey. He said it was an incredible experience. He showed up at the club around 5pm to check it out and the place was already jammed. He played there from 11pm to close to 2am. Good crowd in LQ too dancing to the usual Latin tunes with some Top 40/Dance mixed in.

If Pleasure Island is talking about an outdoor ultra-lounge, The Groove wasn't going to wait around! A couple tables and sofas are installed and people were making use of same. They've got a speaker directly above so all the music from inside is piped outside. At one point there was actually a group of about 10 people dancing out there! DJ AJ was in the booth playing more Top 40, Dance and Hip Hop. Crazy crowd inside too! Good Sunday night party!


Anonymous said...

City walk is going to beat Disney to the puch and steal its Got to give it to the people running city walk for staying on top of things.

KingBob said...

Well they didn't have to steal it. Disney simply handed it over to them!