Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrate Tonight Moves To CityWalk

Remember not so long ago when there was this event on Pleasure Island called Celebrate Tonight? Well they literally didn't move it to CityWalk of course but they are holding a far more successful version of CT evenings on the CityWalk stage. CityWalk has the advantage of thousands of people passing through on their way home from the theme parks. Many stick around to enjoy line dance instruction and music from CW DJ's. Last night DJ King (The Groove) led the fun. You can see the crowds! I never saw this many at Celebrate Tonight. One of the reasons stated for closing the PI clubs was that they didn't want underage pedestrians mixing with drinking adults. They demolished the stages because they didn't want to give out free entertainment. CityWalk does not have a problem with either of these and indeed, there are no problems offering free entertainment. It's just plain fun being had by all ages!

Tonight and Saturday night television network Oxygen's hit dance/weight-loss competition series Dance Your A**off is filming at Citywalk from 6pm to midnight. Dance lessons and free giveaways included. Saturday night Rob Thomas is the summer concert series guest at Universal Studios so expect big overflow into CityWalk clubs afterwards!


Joe said...

Celebrate CityWalk!

Barb said...

I was over there to interview Shayla today and the crowd was already building early on. You can see in the video clips:

It's packed even on nights when it's just a general party.

KingBob said...


Thanks for sharing Barb! CityWalk does have the advantage of being located between the theme parks and the parking garages so nearly everyone must pass through it.