Friday, May 21, 2010

Helping "Date" Mannequins Photos

The reader PI Fan that supplied the pictures from inside Mannequins has emailed me, distressed that one reader feels they are fake. He included a different picture taken that same night that helps "date" the photos.

First of all, in a Blog article dated January 28th, I published the above photo. I commented that a few floor boards had been replaced recently on the Waterfront Stage. You may need to click on the photo to enlarge it but you can see the fresh boards. I don't know when they were installed but they look fresh enough to have been installed within a few weeks.

In a Blog article dated February 21st, I published the updated photo above showing that the entire stage had been freshly painted. Again I don't know when that happened but it was definitely sometime between January 28th and February 21st. With me so far?

PI Fan just emailed me this photo above. He says it was taken the same night as the Mannequins interior shots. I can't read the header in this published photo but I can read the header in my email and it was taken on the same date as the Mannequins pics. Notice the same freshly replaced boards which had not yet been painted. Any reader that has the ability to read the header, please post a Comment about the date & time it was taken. I think this helps prove when the Mannequins photos were taken: in late January 2010!


Daisy said...

?? And the whole point of this is the glimmer of hope that Mannequinns hasn't changed enough to merit a seemless reopening??

Bill said...

Looks like the data has been stripped out, either on purpose or inadvertently through some photo manipulation program.

As for me, I believe the pictures are real, and offer this theory: if the Waterfront Stage was refurbished around the same time, perhaps Mannequins was used as a staging area for the supplies.

zulemara said...

the point is that in the face of absolute proof, one person claims it can't be, because a friend of a friend of a friend who is apparently high enough up the ranks to know something, said the floor is gone and the mannequins removed.

We already know the manenquins are still there, except for the 2 that came out of the ceiling, one of which I co-own. Now we can see by virtue of headers that the pics of the stage were taken the same night.

Given this person sent the photos to bob to prove the legitimacy of the interior photos, I don't think he/she would manipulate. It seems to preserve the integrity, he/she would have simply sent the photos directly from hard drive to bob. But bob did say he can read the headers in the original email, so that's more than enough.

Anonymous said...

you think your special just because you own a Mannequin form Mannequins dance palace???? and you know more than anybody else? because if this? ok ok ok now i will only listen to you for the REAL info you own a mannequin that says you know the truth and nothing but the truth! and should never question your reports! this so this is LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so sorry that I (we) questioned your info to be fake!
I heard this and telling you what I heard and never said 100% proof I know that you will say that I did????
do you have absolute proof? ok where is it?
I know I do NOT. just believe my INFO I hear. not 100% i never believe anything 100% until i see it LIVE for my self!
will you? pics can LYE or tell the truth? pics can be fixed and faked or real?
I believe the pics are real. but?....... when XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Dear God Guys.. give it a rest.

The floor is still in there. If it was removed, there would be a ton of photos of it being taken out, those photos would be circulating among those who used to work there. I'm one of them and I have no such photos, therefore, the floor is still there.

m said...

This Anon guys is the best....hahahahaha King Bob that has to be you posting as the negative Anon just to get us to keep coming back. Bravo keep it up its just to funny.

KingBob said...

No m, that's not me. I got better things to do with my time. However, I have provided a fair platform for both sides of the argument. I would ask that both Anon & Zulemara cease at this time. The evidence presented is what it is.

Anonymous said...

if you look at the January picture and look at the Main bar you can see that the wall is empty no bottles. the wall where the bottles used to be is white that is a good sign when the pics might be taken. I have noticed this for a wile and nobody else noticed and or used this a time line indicator? this would sat that this pic was taken after (PI) Mannequins closed.
some are so into arguing about the floor. and didn't see or forgot to point this out?

KingBob said...

I think we all agree that the pictures were taken after PI closed. The empty shelves shows that. The debate is over WHEN after. The dissenter feels it was taken shortly after PI closed when the floor was still in there, because his source says the floor is now gone. The majority supports that the pictures were taken this past January, which means the floor IS still in there.

Anonymous said...

the point of this is that this person is saying that the floor was out before this pic. before January. as i recall reading.
was trying to help DATE the pics?

Anonymous said...

there would have tons of pics of the floor been taken out
ok so your telling me that there is someone setting out in the parking lot 24/7?
because if Disney was to take it out and or let someone take the floor Disney would let them ONLY do this at night after everyone is gone! so i do NOT think anyone would be there to get the pics you are claiming there to be. oh yeah the 24/7 people that would be there to wait for Disney to do something! just in-case?????

KingBob said...

Our SAVE PLEASURE ISLAND roving reporters do monitor the island 24/7. Something as extensive as the removal of the Mannequins dance floor, even in sections, would not have been missed.

Anonymous said...

OH please!
if so someone needs to get a life. we all loved PI but it's not worth that! and some say that selling the floor is crazy talk. so there just happens to be 24/7 watch because they thought someone might say the floor has been sold so watch to make sure it has or has not been sold to be taken out !
some one had a forward thought to look for that? OK!!!!!

KingBob said...

LOL. To quote a Bobby Vee song from back in the early 60's: The night has a thousand eyes.

Anonymous said...

now who is being unreal? Disney would come and ask you "what are you doing here" @ 3 4 or 5 am

KingBob said...

Anon, you don't understand the meaning of "the night has a thousand eyes"!

Anonymous said...

what don't you understand about disney security? like they are going to take a chance getting fired!? yeah right