Sunday, May 16, 2010

Club Reports: Senso & Independent Bar

A return trip to downtown Orlando last night and a visit to Senso. It's official name is Senso Supper Club but after 9pm or so it becomes a very upscale dance club featuring pure old-fashioned, unadulterated House music. Franco Fabi is the Saturday night DJ and he keeps the relatively small dance floor at the rear of the club hopping. The club is decorated in hues of white and silver. It's located in the spot formerly known as Zinc Bar.

Spotted Lawrence and several other Mannequins patrons at Independent Bar, a club decorated in hues of black and more black. I successfully occupied my usual corner niche and maintained a low profile as the DJ played increasingly better Old Wave videos from the early/mid-80's. Great place to people watch and it only takes a couple days to get the cigarette smoke out of my clothes!

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