Saturday, May 15, 2010

Club Reports: Crave & ADH

Back on April 21st I reported the rumor that the new restaurant Crave over near the Mall at Millenia might possibly be playing techno/dance music late evenings on weekends. I was never able to confirm that so I visited last night and sadly have to report that it did not pan out. They do have a DJ but it's the same Top 40 stuff you hear nearly everywhere else. Sources say that management could not be convinced that techno would be successful. DJ Marcsparcs was spinning last night but he said he was there as part of a Bicardi promo event and was not one of the regular DJ's there. Large crowd with yet another sports pub format; they may clear out tables to create a dancing area but that had not yet happened during my visit.

Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort had a funky crowd last night. Most of the usual Friday night ex-PI patrons were not in attendance and much of the dance floor was occupied by an annual "hens party" of girls just wanting to have fun. DJ Tony Z kept the expansive dance floor pretty full much of the night and a few times when it emptied and I thought people were leaving, another song would come on and the floor would fill-up again. Interesting but kind of unsatisfying night though. Keep in mind that ADH is free so the price is always right.


Anonymous said...

what in the HELL is that chick wearing in those last two pics---were all the ladies part of a homemade clothing convention YIKES

KingBob said...

LOL, I assume you're referring to the girl with the extremely colorful maxi dress? My older sister actually had a dress just like than when I was growing up. Well, then Dad finally found a job.

Actually, I think its a Diane Freis dress. I like it.

SoCalGal said...

Since the demise of Pleasure Island, Atlantic Dance Hall is now the club of choice. If 8TRAX & Mannequinns are a "10", I'd grade Atlantic Dance Hall a "6.5". Lacks theme and too spacious but the video screen and boardwalk make up for it. The masses really, really, really, miss 8TRAX & M'qns', and would gladly pay for a return, but for now, if it's free, it's for me!

KingBob said...

Perhaps we'll see another PI Reunion out there sometime this summer, SoCalGal.