Monday, May 31, 2010

Club Report: ICON (DJ Baby Anne)

Dressed in a trendy top, skinny jeans and skinny heels, DJ Baby Anne returned to hometown Orlando last night for the first of a series of concerts at ICON. Sticking with her renowned Break Beats, she had the large crowd moving from the moment she took over the reins from DJ Chris B until she turned them over to DJ X nearly two hours later!

It was a Mannequins reunion of sorts! I recognized at least two dozen people who used to have a home on the revolving floor or in the dark corners of our old club! You might recognize some of the old crowd here.

Baby Anne returns for 3 more concerts at ICON during the coming months: 18JUN with DJ √úberzone, 02JUL with DJ Kraftykuts and again on 30JUL with DJ Hybrid. Admission last night was just $5 so if they stick with that price point, these subsequent shows should do really well. Don't forget that DJ Icey performs this coming Saturday night at Firestone Live!

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Anonymous said...

I like that handcuff necklace of hers.