Sunday, April 11, 2010

PI Update: More Motion, More Rumors

Received a couple additional photos taken earlier this month from the inside of Motion. You can click on them to see a little bit more detail. The top one is looking in and you can see the south bar. The bottom one shows the view from the lobby area looking back towards the main entrances. The pics are exclusive to the Save Pleasure Island Blog! If you missed the earlier article & photos, scroll down to the April 3rd entry.

We have a lot of competing rumors on the island about clubs being demolished. One had Motion & RRBC coming down first, the other had Adventurers Club & BET Soundstage coming down within a month. Well get this: One of my PI sources says actually NOT EVEN ONE contract has been signed yet by any third-party operator to do anything! In this rumor, nothing is coming down (except perhaps RRBC due to the mold problem). If true, WOW!

If you look in the downstairs windows of 8TRAX, you can see all the boxes being stored in there for the Vinlymation (& perhaps Curl) stores. Unfortunately, the glass is too tinted and the lighting inside too dim for me to get photos. But the next time you're on the island to watch Celebrate Tonight, do peek in the windows down where the circular stairway stands.

A reminder that the DTD McDonald's closes on April 30th. Less than 3 weeks to enjoy! This fall a new Pollo Campero will open in its place.


Joe said...

"One of my PI sources says actually NOT EVEN ONE contract has been signed yet by any third-party operator to do anything!"

Probably true...Disney would likely announce a new PI location opening as soon as they possibly could considering how we all keep bringing up the fact they closed the place, and 1.5 years later...nothing.

SoCalGal said...

Great work, KingBob, aka super'sleuth, appreciate the pics.

T.G. said...

Thursday 4/22 there are DJ/VJ auditions being held inside Motion during the daytime, if you want some good pics of the inside with light on, just walk in!!!

KingBob said...

SoCalGal, thanks for the comment.

T.G., thanks for the info. Do you know what the auditions are for? (Why are more DJ's/VJ's needed?)

Anonymous said...

So noone has noticed that most of the Intelligent lighting has been removed from Motion. It was removed last week or so.

KingBob said...

Anon, had not heard about that. Will try to get that confirmed.