Friday, April 16, 2010

Club Reports: Red Fox Lounge, Why Not Lounge, The Groove (80's Night)

If you're married and want to take your secret girlfriend out to a place where you'll never be spotted, let me recommend the Red Fox Lounge at the Best Western Mt. Vernon Inn in Winter Park. This place has a huge following because singers Mark & Lorna having been doing their gig here since the 1970's! Yes, this lounge act is over 30-years old now and it probably hasn't ever changed. Even the lounge decor is 1970's. The songs are like Barry Manilow, Nancy Sinatra & Billy Joel folks. I only came because I was told a lot of Rollins College girls hang out here. Last night it was more like Rollins College alumni, class of 1950. Seriously, google "Mark & Lorna" or go to YouTube. This is something everyone must experience at least once. Pure kitsch! Awesome! Th-Sa nites.

While I was on the north side, might as well drop in on another classic, the Why Not Lounge located in the Magnuson Grand Hotel formerly the Clarion Inn formerly the Holiday Inn - Altamonte Springs. Of the bands I've heard during my various visits to the Why Not, this one called Never Never was the best by far. Moderate-sized crowd on hand; not as crowded as some of my visits. Every Thursday night is Ladies Night, the same as every Thursday night for over 30 years!

It was 80's Night at The Groove last night and on the 3rd Thursday of the month they have an 80's band and it's typically Switch. Of all the nights I've attended when they've had a live band, this one drew the largest crowd. I think club management is trying to draw fans of the band and at the same time draw those seeking 80's music. Last night it came together well. Switch is a lot of fun to watch perform; they do more than just sing. Between sets and after the band's final set DJ Doc (8TRAX/Atlantic Dance/Red Coconut Club) spins 80's videos. I spotted DJ Tony Z (Atlantic Dance) who was checking out the competition. He had been maintaining a low profile until one of his fans spotted him too!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna surprise my boyfriend with a visit to Mark & Lorna this Saturday nite. Amy