Sunday, April 25, 2010

Club Reports: Antigua, Bliss, Pour House, Independent Bar

KingBob returned to downtown Orlando last night to see what was happening. The streets were heavy with partiers early on but I'm not sure where they were headed because at 10:30pm I-Bar, Antigua & Tabu were dead. Antigua (pictured above) did get crowded by 11:30pm though so it was worth my first visit in about six months. I was happy to learn they had a new DJ on Saturday nights; DJ JayMac comes from radio station XL106.7 and the music consists of familiar Top 40, Old School and Dance Remixes, many of them mashed.

There was a good-sized crowd in Bliss but for the most part they just could not be coaxed onto the dance floor during my visit. DJ Mickey Bono ( played an awesome Dance/House mix. Dresses and supertall heels were prevalent here and in the other clubs! I came to check out the renovations. Well, they didn't seem to do a whole lot. The biggest change is that the red curtains by the entrance have been replaced with white curtains, lol. Well ok, there are new tables and they uncovered the previously covered side windows so patrons can watch the freight trains go by!

There really is no dancing in Orlando Pour House but DJ Beverlykills plays a mean mix of mostly hip hop to the very crowded bar/sports bar. The place is very popular. Not sure there really is any music coming out of those records since he had his laptop hooked up! But for our younger viewers, please note that those red discs are called records.

And of course have to end any evening at Independent Bar, home to 80's New Wave/Old Wave. The place is always packed. I did not make it to the Visage Reunion but I was told that it was crowded and the A/C could not keep up so it got really warm in there. If anyone went, please feel free to post a comment below. Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Visage Reunion was packed with well over 1000 people there at any time. The venue is new and I don't think they anticipated such a crowd... but the rooftop air was absolutely wonderful and the great music extends throughout the club. Even with like 4 or 5 bars, they had a hard time keeping up with the crowd of primarily over 21 drinkers. Many people, including myself, are really needing this scene to come back and obviously there is a market for it and Paul Vaine's style of programming.

KingBob said...

Thanks so much for the report from the Visage Reunion! Sounds like it was awesome. I did not get the impression that I-BAR had any fewer people in it because of the Reunion yet it sounds like the targeted audience was generally the same. Hopefully they'll do another one of these.