Monday, March 29, 2010

Reports from Ultra

Close to 100,000 people attended Ultra Music Festival, which wrapped up early Sunday morning in downtown Miami. Here are links to a couple Reviews from the Miami Herald:


Sinclar vs Guetta

DJ Robbie Rivera Interview:

And from YouTube, DJ David Guetta in concert:

Guetta is arguably the world's hottest DJ right now, coming off his two 2009 hits with Akon (Sexy Bitch) and Kelly Rowland (When Love Takes Over). I've made the point on the Blog several times that various music types are merging and certainly Guetta is helping bring Hip Hop and House together. In this video, listen how he blends the Low Low Low song (applebottom jeans) into his medley. This merging and the fact 100,000 people would attend Ultra is evidence of the return of Electronic Dance Music. This may not be the pure EDM you remember but this is what Mannequins was playing a lot of during the final years. Including hip hop remixes in his lineup, DJ Peapod was ahead of the curve. Below, backed with vocals from Fergie, Guetta merges Soul, Hip Hop, a little Rap and House (WOW):


zulemara said...

omg, next year, I swear it!

KingBob said...

Me too....definitely. As soon as hotel booking windows open for that far in advance, I'm booking my room.

Anonymous said...

That maybe one of the best house songs I've heard in a long time.

Anonymous said...

There really is no way to describe what it was like there. You simply can't do it justice. The only problem was there was SOO many good acts to see, that many of them played at the same time on different stages. So you really had to either just miss something, or run around a lot to catch them.

I'll be back in 2011, no doubt about it!

BTW- For those who care about the tech side of things. The audio and lighting was UNREAL

KingBob said...

I'll let readers know when hotel reservations can be made for the final weekend of next March. I think it will be smart to book something now as long as it can be canceled without penalty and before they even start thinking about 2011 rate increases. Lock it in!

Thanks for the report, Anon!

Anonymous said...