Sunday, January 24, 2010

Club Reports: Tabu & Bliss Ultra Lounge

About the only good thing to come out of the PI closure was that it forced me to explore new club options including the offerings in downtown Orlando. I'm increasingly impressed with Tabu Nightclub with its mainstream Hip Hop and Top 40 format. It's really not all that different from what you heard at Motion or hear at ADH. Saturday night DJ Richie Rich kept the crowd moving as music videos played behind him. RR leaves the Hip Hop behind though when he spins House music at Sunday Service Industry Night next weekend (31JAN) at House of Blues.

But if you liked Mannequins then by far your best Saturday night option in Orlando is Bliss Ultra Lounge featuring Techno/Dance/House music skillfully weaved together by DJ Mickey Bono. The club and dance floor were tightly packed; there was no reason to go anywhere else. There were several songs that came on where several people in my group of 14 looked at each other and said "Mannequins!" You can hear an hour of his great music every Friday evening at 9pm ET on

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