Friday, January 15, 2010

Club Reports: CityWalk

With the prior Thursdays consisting of the BCS National Championship football game, New Years Eve and Christmas Eve, it had been a month since I was out to CityWalk on a Thursday night. I expected larger crowds considering somewhat warmer weather had returned to Orlando.

It never got very crowded at Red Coconut Club. What I thought was a great idea though was since there was no band, instead of the DJ operating from that booth way up high in the sky, they had him down on the stage behind the bar. DJ G-Clef (Celebrate Tonight) was up there playing a mix of mostly Hip hop and Top 40. I wanted to so bad ask him to play the 1-cent, 5-cent, 10-cent a-dollar song but there was no way to send requests up to him!

By far the most crowded club was Latin Quarter featuring DJ Leony (Sirius XM BPM). People just kept streaming in to his mostly Latin dance selections that also included some House songs. The dance floor stayed crowded.

It was 80's Night at The Groove with DJ Doc Wells (8TRAX). Because there was a private party rental earlier in the evening, the club was already crowded at 10pm and stayed that way to beyond midnight. Next week the very fun 80's band Switch joins clubbers at TG.

"Who would have guessed!" was the response of the manager of most of the CityWalk clubs as I exited Rising Star last night and commented to him that the place continued to amaze me with the crowds inside and the line to get in outside. The response was perfect because I certainly would have never anticpated either the popularity of this karaoke club. But nowhere else do karaoke volunteer singers get a backup band to play with them as well as a couple of go-go dancers to dance behind or beside them. All seats taken plus a line to get in. Who would have guessed!

2 comments: said...

Rising Star was packed on Saturday Night! When it gets like that, they need to clear out a couple more tables in the front to make the "dance floor" bigger. More people are dancing there than I've ever seen before.

KingBob said...

Didn't have anyone dancing when I was in there but I've heard that people really do dance in there!