Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Universal Premier Pass

Quite a few Pleasure Island residents migrated over to Universal's CityWalk entertainment complex last year when PI closed down. Universal cleverly offered a FREE 6-month CityWalk Annual Pass to any PI annual pass holder. A lot of PI people took advantage of this offer which provided free admission from the time PI closed until March 31st, 2009. Everyone expected though that CityWalk would follow that up with an Annual Pass offer of its own. A lot of PI people would have bought one plus they would have sold a lot of them to their own regulars. But as March came to an end, CityWalk didn't end up coming out with an AP. As we move into 2010, I'm told there are no plans to offer one this coming year either.

But this brings up a point that regular reader Ken mentioned in a Comment a few months ago: The Universal Premier Pass. If you're a regular at CityWalk, this Pass really needs to be considered because it includes CityWalk. Let's do the math: If you plan to go to CityWalk once every-other week in 2010 and you buy the all-club Party Pass, that's 26 visits @ $11.99 = $311.74 + tax spent. But the Universal Premier Pass is just $289.99 + tax. For slightly LESS money you not only get unlimited visits to CityWalk but you also get unlimited visits to the two theme parks, free valet & regular parking, free Express Passes after 4pm, free bottled water, food and merchandise discounts, AMC movie discounts, 2 for 1 well drinks, a Halloween Horror Nights ticket and a lot more! And the first year is the only time you pay that full price; the renewal option this year is $199.99 + tax.

Do the math with your personal situation. You may find it's a great value. And don't forget that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be arriving soon as well.


Anonymous said...

I hate Harry Potter and I also hate they are going to rename the dueling draggons and include this awesome roller coaster with this WARLOCK! yes I said WARLOCK that is what he really IS!!!! Wizard my foot!

KingBob said...

Please, we'll have no name calling on the Blog!

ClubMaster said...

I would like to everyone check out this video, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Have fun at atlantic dance hall King BOB :) look forward to the photos from the party.

Anonymous said...

sorry BOB but I have to tell it like it is!

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, feel free to e-mail a few pics from EPCOT and I'll include them.

Anon, calling a Wizard a Warlock is hate-speech!

Anonymous said...

no no no it's the truth look it up!