Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PI Update: Pizza Cart Closing / Clubs Coming Down Very Soon!

Save Pleasure Island roving reporters William and Thommy were both on the Island this past evening and heard that Stage Pizza, currently located between Soundstage and Adventurers Club, is closing after New Years Eve. And they also heard that the waterside clubs are coming down shortly after that! Overnight work appeared to be taking place inside the Mannequins and 8TRAX buildings which, according to my previously-reported rumors, are not coming down. These are all just more rumors though!

You know, it occurred to me that this Blog has had over 14,000 hits since the flag counter to the right was added at the end of July. Why do so many people care about something called Pleasure Island? And I do mean care. Hugely disappointed about the clubs closing; hugely interested in what is replacing them. Come on Disney!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think most people want to know what is replaceing the clubs more to the fact of the next bone head move disney is making! and wants to know when and if there fav. club is going down? thats my reason for reading this! adn to see pics of what PI looks like now?!