Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PI Update

As previously reported here on the Blog, Disney obtained a county permit to demolish the stairs outside Mannequins Dance Palace. Earlier today a barrier wall was placed around the club so that the demolition can begin. The club is not coming down, just the outside stairs.
Construction (or more precisely deconstruction) has begun on the former PI Live booth. Window coverings have been removed and passersby can see the now- gutted booth. As you know, PI Live moved over to the booth atop Laffers Cantina at the time Celebrate Tonight began. Rumors are that the old location will be used as a smoking & drinking patio for the Sosa Cigar bar. There are new signs by RRBC pointing the way to West Side. The bottom photo is taken by the stairs down to the PI Live Bar and you can see Motion in the background but unfortunately no detail of the demolition itself due to the darkness. I am in snowy Kansas this evening but will get more photos upon my return!
On September 21st this Blog posted a picture of the Funmeister which is located behind Sosa's and in front of Motion. I did not mention that on the opposite side of the Funmeister his eyebrow had been broken. That is now fixed. The broken glass has been replaced or reset. Why would they do that instead of just taking the entire Funmeister down?

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