Sunday, November 15, 2009

PI Update

The Harley Davidson t-shirt store on Pleasure Island is definitely not moving to the West Side because as you can see, the rumored space is now occupied by Little Missmatched. Over in Motion, the DJ booth is gone again and the venue was rearranged for some other event. Motion continues to be used for various group meetings.

Evening look at the many booths in Downtown Disney (including Pleasure Island) for this weekend's Festival of the Masters. That's all for now....always stay tuned for the latest PI news!


Anonymous said...

I found out some info about the PI Live building being demolished...including the removal of Sosa's! My source was not sure if they were moving or just going away...they have never had a liquor license and were umbrellaed under the one for DTD.

KingBob said...

Well we heard that the upstairs booth was going to be removed so that Sosa's could have a smokers patio up there. And it makes sense that Sosa's would have to move out while they demolished the upstairs. But I've not heard any specifics so if you hear more details, please share on here. Thank you!

KingBob said...

My sources are telling me that Sosa's isn't going anywhere and will stay in operation during construction. See full details in my article tonight 11/18/09.